Learning about Sustainability

Last week the Middles went on two excursions. We went to the local Woolworths to talk to them about what sustainable practices they have in place. The next day we went to CERES Environmental Park and learnt about Organic Gardening, Renewable Energy, The Waste Timeline and Energy Efficient Housing. Here is what we found out and got up to:

Sustainability Excursions from mve on Vimeo.

What was something you learnt from the excursions?


What is something you know about these different topics?

Being sustainable at home

A couple of weeks ago Ms Scott came to talk to the Middles about what she does to be sustainable at home. She talked about standby power, lights, heating and cooling, water conservation, getting energy from renewable sources and food mileage.


I learnt a lot about being sustainable and now I am going to try to be more sustainable to protect the environment – Georgia

¬†Thanks for helping us with our learning Ms Scott ūüôā

IMG_3297 IMG_3298

IMG_3299 IMG_3300

IMG_3301 IMG_3303

What can you do at home to be more sustainable?

We are called to care for our common home …

The middles dove¬†into their new inquiry topic this term about environment, looking at our rich question, “How are we called to care for our common home?”

We started by identifying different environments in Australia and sorting pictures into the different categories. We even looked at where these environments are in Australia.

IMG_3236 IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241 IMG_3242

After that we discussed the different impacts on these particular environments. We came up with loads of them. Here are some we came up with:

Impacts on the Environment from mve on Vimeo.


What are some other impacts on the environments?

Global Celebrations Expo

At the end of Term 3 the Middles finished off their inquiry topic by having a Global Celebrations Expo. The students focused on countries around the world and researched what special celebrations these countries had. Then they presented their research to the school community. As part of their presentation students had an activity for students to do that was related to one of the celebrations they focused on. We had a great turn out!


Global Celebration Expo from mve on Vimeo.

What did you learn from researching your country or attending the celebrations expo?

Bahay Tuluyan Mini-Fair

Last Week we had a mini fair to raise money for Bahay Tuluyan. There were loads of different activities including face painting, hairspray, cake stall, book stall, toys and board games stall, mini games and many more. We raised $1,600 to put towards new rice fields to feed people in the Philippines.

A big thank you goes out to all the families and students who donate items or made goodies for the day!

Here are some of the happy snaps from the day:

IMG_2870 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 DSC_0081 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0089 DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0097DSC_0108



 What was your favourite part about the Bahay Tuluyan mini fair?

Literacy and Numeracy Week

 This week was National Literacy and Numeracy  Week. It is a week about getting involved in and having fun with Literacy and Numeracy. It is also a time to celebrate Literacy and Numeracy in our classrooms and in our lives. Here is some of the Literacy and Numeracy we have been involved in this week:


This week we were learning to write Cinquain poems. Here is what our teacher groups came up with:

Green, Genuine Giraffes


Shiny, valuable

Buying, shopping, trading

Spending money to survive


Orange, Optomistic Otters


Delicious, scrumptious

Surprising, gobbling, mouth-watering

To many to choose from


Purple, Persistent Pandas


Shiny, rocky

Rotating, glowing, reflecting

Brightly in the sky


Blue, Busy Bees


Big, muscly

Stomping, spraying, swaying

One very smart animal



Telling the Time

This week we have been working on telling the time to the nearest one minute. Telling the time on analogue and digital clocks and comparing the two is hard but we used some games to try and help us. Here is the Middles practicing telling the time through games.

IMG_2769 IMG_2770







IMG_2855IMG_2772 IMG_2773





















What is your favourite thing to do or learn about in Literacy and Numeracy?

Book Week

Last Week was Book Week. We had a lot of fun doing different activities. We read the shortlisted books, we had a Book Week dress up parade, story time and we had an author and illustrator come and talk to us and show us some of his work. The author/ illustrator was Andrew Plant. 


I liked the Book Parade because everyone dressed up. I dressed up as Specky Magee – Jack

I enjoyed drawing pictures with Andrew Plant – Sophia

I enjoyed dressing up as Dr Who for the book parade – Luke

I dressed up as Geronimo Stilton for the book parade. I also enjoyed listen to Andrew Plant’s book about Poppies – Sam


Book Week 2015 on PhotoPeach


What is your favourite part about Book Week?

Poetry – Sensory Poems

This week Middle V have started to look at poetry in writing. This week we have been learning to write Sensory Poems. These poems use the senses to describe an emotion. Here is what our teacher groups came up with:


Purple, Persistent Pandas

Sadness is the colour dark blue.

It tastes like sour lemon.

Sadness smells like mouldy cheese.

It looks like someone balling their eyes out.

Sadness sounds like someone sniffling.

Sadness feels like you are empty inside.


Blue, Busy Bees

Happiness is sparkling yellow.

It tastes like popping candy.

Happiness smells like lavender.

It sounds like music and the ocean.

Happiness feels like the warmth of the sun.


Orange, Optomistic Otters

Anger is the colour red.

It tastes bitter like ginger beer.

Anger smells like burnt ashes and dust.

It looks like a body of red flames.

Anger sounds like someone screaming and yelling in frustration.

Anger feels depressing.


Green, Genuine Giraffes

Surprised is the colour white.

It tastes like sour lollies.

Surprised smells like a freshly baked cake.

It looks like sparkling dust.

Surprised sounds like the exploding of fireworks.

Surprised feels like your heart racing.


What emotion would you choose to write about?

You could write your poem in the comments section below.


Snapshot Writing

This week the Middles have been learning about Snapshot Writing. Snapshot Writing is where we paint a clear picture in the reader’s head. It is generally one specific moment in time. We can create an amazing snapshot (or photo) of what’s happening by using lots of description in our writing and trying to connect our readers to their senses. Here is what we came up with as a class:







The crocodile slashed and splashed through the dark, deep water. Bob felt scared with the rocking of the boat from the waves and the crocodile’s tail swatting the water. He felt dizzy and faint from the smelly, oily fumes of the boat engine and the crocodile’s mouth opening and closing with the grinding of his teeth. Bob felt a surge of terror as the crocodile dented the motor boat with his body in the brown, murky water. You could smell the fear in the air. Next thing you know, Bob was in the deep water and the crocodiles slimy scales were against his tattooed body. The crocodile was so close that he could smell the stinky, stale and horrible breath of the crocodile. In that moment, there was a loud scream.


What would you add to our Snapshot?

Can you picture really clearly what is going on in the story?