Science in our World

During the term we had a few amazing guest speakers (our lovely parents!) come and speak to us about science in their work place. In particular we looked at how certain inventions have changed or been introduced over time to help our world or make our lives easier.

Here is what we learnt:


 I learnt that they use to use sticks (from the garden) for walking sticks because they hadn’t invented real walking sticks yet – Hannah A


I didn’t know that they get gas from the ground – Hannah B


With the walking sticks there never use to be a rubber stopper on the bottom. Then someone invented the normal rubber stopper and then someone invented the Flexi-foot. The Flexi-foot helps because old people can stand on hills better – Raph


Sometimes you can trick the brain to believe something that is not true – Sam


The car engine has developed a lot from where it started. Cars had balloons to hold gas in them so they could work when there was not enough petrol – Keira


Oil comes out goopy and thick – Aly


When you get oil out from under the sea you can take different things out at different temperatures – Akuac


We learnt about optical illusions – Daisy


I learnt that the part of the brain for the eyes is at the back of the brain – Tom


IMG_1750    IMG_1755

IMG_1809       IMG_1815 IMG_1854

IMG_1856    IMG_1860 IMG_1862    IMG_1867


What Science or inventions do you know of in the workplace?


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