7 thoughts on “City Adventure

  1. I have two favourite things when we were at our excursion. The first one was when we went to channel 7 and the other one was when we went to the park.

    Zachary & Beth Smith

  2. Thank you Middles for an amazing outing to the city to explore media and technology. I wanted to say congratulations to all students on their fantastic behaviour, especially to my group that were a treasure to spend time with. Sharon

  3. Hi Middle V,
    It looks like you had a great time.
    And my favourite thing to do in the city is go to the laser skirmish at Crown

  4. Hi Middle V,
    I know you had a great time at ACMI and Channel 7.
    What is you favourite thing to do in the city? Mine is watching the cricket.

  5. Hello!!!
    Mum and I looked at the video of Channel 7 and the questions and we both have an answer.
    The first question, I answered, and it goes like this: My favourite thing at the excursion was doing the scavenger hunt. Mum answered the next one. My favourite thing to do in the city is to take my kids to the MYER windows at Christmas time and have lunch with our friends.

    From Will and Genevieve.

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