The Jewish Museum

On Tuesday the Middles went to the Jewish Museum and a Synagogue. In particular we were looking at the Passover, and had a mock Passover meal,  because our Grade 4 students are doing their First Eucharist soon. We were also able to see inside a Synagogue and look at the similarities and differences to our church. Here is what we learnt:


I learnt that there over 100,000 Jews in Australia – Will P

The Jewish people eat Matzah, apple and nut mixture and wine at Passover – Daisy

The Rabbi runs mass and reads from the Torah – Natasha

The boys have to wear Kippahs on their heads in a Synagogue – Jacob

Jewish teenagers celebrate Barmitzvah (boys) and Batmitzvah (girls) at 13. They celebrate becoming an adult – Akuac

I learnt that the Jewish can not mix dairy and meat – Tom

At Passover Jewish people drink and eat wine and matzah – Jack

I learnt the Jewish church is called a Synagogue – Mia

Parsley dipped in salt water represents the tears of the Jews – Sienna M

Jewish people had big suitcases to carry everything they owned when they weren’t coming back – Luke

I learnt that in our full year the Jewish people have 4 New Years – Aly

I enjoyed going to the Synagogue because there were lots of interesting things to learn there. I never knew that there were Synagogues – Sam

I enjoyed reading the Jewish bible and I learnt that Jewish people don’t like the word God – Zac

I enjoyed looking at the Jewish timeline. The Jews got expelled from France and England – Siena A

The Jewish people were on the First Fleet – Georgia

Jewish people speak in Hebrew – Keira

I really enjoyed contributing to the mock Passover. I played the Pharaoh – Will H

I enjoyed tasting the Passover food – Raphael

I learnt that there are pointers to read The Torah because people aren’t allowed to touch it – Hannah A

I learnt that some Jewish company made the 2007 Carlton jersey – Lucas

I learnt that on The Torah scroll there are crown because they are a symbol for being important – Vivienne

I learnt that there is a Jewish instrument called a Sofar that is made out of a Rams horn and it is used to awaken God and his people – James

I learnt that on the Passover plate there is egg, parsley dipped in salt, a lamb bone, apple and nut mixture, horseradish, matzah and wine – Hannah B

I learnt that the boiled egg represents the suffering of Moses’ people in Egypt – Sophia

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What do you know about the Jewish culture? 


What do you want to know about the Jewish culture?

7 thoughts on “The Jewish Museum

  1. Hi Middle V,
    Did you have a good time?
    I know in the Jewish culture the Rabbis which are the priests with the Jewish can get married.
    From Lucas, Lisa, Kiara and Daniel

  2. Dear Middle V,
    I learnt that the Jewish people have similar symbols in their faith e.g bread and wine

  3. Hi middle V!
    I wonder just how many Jewish people believed that Moses MEANT to kill that Egyptian and how many people believed that it was an accident.

    Can’t wait to go on more awesome excursions this term!

    Will H

  4. Hi Middle V,
    The Jewish Museum was really interesting. My answer to our question is, I want to know how many Jews are in Australia?

  5. We would like to know more about the ways that different Jewish people pray including how and when they pray.

    From WIll & Baz

  6. Hi Middle V,
    I liked the Jewish Museum because I learnt a lot about the Jewish culture and kosher food. It was really interesting to find out about other religions and cultures. I had a lot of fun.
    From Tom.

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