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This week the Middles have been learning about Snapshot Writing. Snapshot Writing is where we paint a clear picture in the reader’s head. It is generally one specific moment in time. We can create an amazing snapshot (or photo) of what’s happening by using lots of description in our writing and trying to connect our readers to their senses. Here is what we came up with as a class:







The crocodile slashed and splashed through the dark, deep water. Bob felt scared with the rocking of the boat from the waves and the crocodile’s tail swatting the water. He felt dizzy and faint from the smelly, oily fumes of the boat engine and the crocodile’s mouth opening and closing with the grinding of his teeth. Bob felt a surge of terror as the crocodile dented the motor boat with his body in the brown, murky water. You could smell the fear in the air. Next thing you know, Bob was in the deep water and the crocodiles slimy scales were against his tattooed body. The crocodile was so close that he could smell the stinky, stale and horrible breath of the crocodile. In that moment, there was a loud scream.


What would you add to our Snapshot?

Can you picture really clearly what is going on in the story?

7 thoughts on “Snapshot Writing

  1. Bob just remembered that he had a knife in his sock so he took out the biggest and sharpest knife he ever had with tremendous bravery. He waited patiently until the crocodile was in sight and then the crocodile jumped up in the air and just when Bob thought that it was the right time he stabbed the crocodile with all his might there was bright red crocodile blood everywhere and Bob felt proud of himself but tired. Zac & Beth

  2. The crocodile had bitten Bob’s ARM OFF! He felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder, as he watched the bright red blood drip from where his arm use to be. With a heap of bravery he dove into the cold, gushing water to wrestle the crocodile and to get his poor arm back. As the crocodile opened his ugly, gross, disgusting mouth Bob grabbed his arm back and swam back to shore. Bob was very proud of himself. Lets hope the hospital can sew his arm back on!

  3. There was a loud scream as Bob tried to swim away from the crocodile. As he swam he could still hear the splashing of the crocodile trying to get closer. He turned around but the crocodile wasn’t there, Bob looked forward again with his eyes closed, but then he smelt a terrible smell he opened his eye he was face to face with a crocodile but then he felt blood drip down his face……….. Which one was bleeding?!?! Bob or Croc?!?!
    Siena & Carmen

  4. Bob grabbed the the edge of his boat and tried so hard to jump inside the boat. Bob screamed, “Help!! Help!!”, but there was no one around. Bob used his last strength and jumped back in the boat. He was still in great shock. His body was shaking but desperate to escape.

  5. We think that Middle V could of described how he screamed but apart from that Mum and I could picture it in our head really well.
    from Daisy and Jacqui 🙂

  6. There was a loud scream but it was not from Bob it was from Roger. Roger was swallowed whole by the crocodile. He was in the deep dark depths of crocodiles stinky belly! With a kick to the stomach, the crocodile spat out Roger.

    From Natasha & Paul

  7. Hi Middle V,
    I think we could add a bit more from the crocodile’s side of view. I could picture this happening really clearly.

    From Aly

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