Soccer Clinic

On Tuesday we had our 2nd session of a 3 week soccer clinic with the SEDA students. All the SEDA students are trying to get into the Melbourne Victory team. We learnt a lot of different soccer skills and played some games like number soccer. We all got split up into different groups and had different SEDA students helping us.


It was really fun. I think everyone learnt something new – Siena A

The SEDA students were very nice and everyone was really excited after the clinics – Sam

My favourite soccer game was Golden Child. It had soccer passing and running – Akuac

We learnt lots of new skills. Some people learnt some new games. One was called Ground, Attack, Defense – Jacob



IMG_2544 IMG_2546

IMG_2557 IMG_2610

 What did you learn at the soccer clinics?


What do you know about soccer?

One thought on “Soccer Clinic

  1. Hi Middle V,
    I really enjoyed the soccer clinic it was really fun and I learnt a lot of new things. One of the things that I learnt I could do was bounce the soccer ball on my knees. It was really hard but fun. The only bad thing was I got hit in the face with the soccer ball!

    From Sienna M and Domenica

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