Poetry – Sensory Poems

This week Middle V have started to look at poetry in writing. This week we have been learning to write Sensory Poems. These poems use the senses to describe an emotion. Here is what our teacher groups came up with:


Purple, Persistent Pandas

Sadness is the colour dark blue.

It tastes like sour lemon.

Sadness smells like mouldy cheese.

It looks like someone balling their eyes out.

Sadness sounds like someone sniffling.

Sadness feels like you are empty inside.


Blue, Busy Bees

Happiness is sparkling yellow.

It tastes like popping candy.

Happiness smells like lavender.

It sounds like music and the ocean.

Happiness feels like the warmth of the sun.


Orange, Optomistic Otters

Anger is the colour red.

It tastes bitter like ginger beer.

Anger smells like burnt ashes and dust.

It looks like a body of red flames.

Anger sounds like someone screaming and yelling in frustration.

Anger feels depressing.


Green, Genuine Giraffes

Surprised is the colour white.

It tastes like sour lollies.

Surprised smells like a freshly baked cake.

It looks like sparkling dust.

Surprised sounds like the exploding of fireworks.

Surprised feels like your heart racing.


What emotion would you choose to write about?

You could write your poem in the comments section below.


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