Literacy and Numeracy Week

 This week was National Literacy and Numeracy  Week. It is a week about getting involved in and having fun with Literacy and Numeracy. It is also a time to celebrate Literacy and Numeracy in our classrooms and in our lives. Here is some of the Literacy and Numeracy we have been involved in this week:


This week we were learning to write Cinquain poems. Here is what our teacher groups came up with:

Green, Genuine Giraffes


Shiny, valuable

Buying, shopping, trading

Spending money to survive


Orange, Optomistic Otters


Delicious, scrumptious

Surprising, gobbling, mouth-watering

To many to choose from


Purple, Persistent Pandas


Shiny, rocky

Rotating, glowing, reflecting

Brightly in the sky


Blue, Busy Bees


Big, muscly

Stomping, spraying, swaying

One very smart animal



Telling the Time

This week we have been working on telling the time to the nearest one minute. Telling the time on analogue and digital clocks and comparing the two is hard but we used some games to try and help us. Here is the Middles practicing telling the time through games.

IMG_2769 IMG_2770







IMG_2855IMG_2772 IMG_2773





















What is your favourite thing to do or learn about in Literacy and Numeracy?

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