Global Celebrations Expo

At the end of Term 3 the Middles finished off their inquiry topic by having a Global Celebrations Expo. The students focused on countries around the world and researched what special celebrations these countries had. Then they presented their research to the school community. As part of their presentation students had an activity for students to do that was related to one of the celebrations they focused on. We had a great turn out!


Global Celebration Expo from mve on Vimeo.

What did you learn from researching your country or attending the celebrations expo?

2 thoughts on “Global Celebrations Expo

  1. Hi Middle V,
    Did you have fun?
    And my answer to your question is YES!
    I Learnt about Russia and that is has lots of different celebrations.
    From Lucas

  2. Hi Middle V!
    This is what we learned about at the celebration expo:
    Mum: I learned a bit about the Irish battle of Boyne and different festivals in Thailand.
    Will: I learned a bit about the tomato fight in Spain.
    From Will and Mum

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