Soccer Clinic

On Tuesday we had our 2nd session of a 3 week soccer clinic with the SEDA students. All the SEDA students are trying to get into the Melbourne Victory team. We learnt a lot of different soccer skills and played some games like number soccer. We all got split up into different groups and had different SEDA students helping us.


It was really fun. I think everyone learnt something new – Siena A

The SEDA students were very nice and everyone was really excited after the clinics – Sam

My favourite soccer game was Golden Child. It had soccer passing and running – Akuac

We learnt lots of new skills. Some people learnt some new games. One was called Ground, Attack, Defense – Jacob



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 What did you learn at the soccer clinics?


What do you know about soccer?

First Eucharist

Last Sunday the Grade 4 students made their First Eucharist. It was a great celebration! Over some time the students have been preparing for this special day by reflecting on the significance and importance of the Sacrament of Eucharist and talking about the stories related to receiving Jesus for the first time.

I think that the bread tasted really good and that it was a really enjoyable occasion – Will H

Making my First Eucharist means welcoming Jesus into my life – Will P

I got a special blessing and it means I am coming closer to the Church family – Keira

I got a special blessing and I enjoyed celebrating this special event with my friends – Natasha

I enjoyed receiving Jesus for the first time and coming closer to God – James






 What does receiving Eucharist mean to you?


The Jewish Museum

On Tuesday the Middles went to the Jewish Museum and a Synagogue. In particular we were looking at the Passover, and had a mock Passover meal,  because our Grade 4 students are doing their First Eucharist soon. We were also able to see inside a Synagogue and look at the similarities and differences to our church. Here is what we learnt:


I learnt that there over 100,000 Jews in Australia – Will P

The Jewish people eat Matzah, apple and nut mixture and wine at Passover – Daisy

The Rabbi runs mass and reads from the Torah – Natasha

The boys have to wear Kippahs on their heads in a Synagogue – Jacob

Jewish teenagers celebrate Barmitzvah (boys) and Batmitzvah (girls) at 13. They celebrate becoming an adult – Akuac

I learnt that the Jewish can not mix dairy and meat – Tom

At Passover Jewish people drink and eat wine and matzah – Jack

I learnt the Jewish church is called a Synagogue – Mia

Parsley dipped in salt water represents the tears of the Jews – Sienna M

Jewish people had big suitcases to carry everything they owned when they weren’t coming back – Luke

I learnt that in our full year the Jewish people have 4 New Years – Aly

I enjoyed going to the Synagogue because there were lots of interesting things to learn there. I never knew that there were Synagogues – Sam

I enjoyed reading the Jewish bible and I learnt that Jewish people don’t like the word God – Zac

I enjoyed looking at the Jewish timeline. The Jews got expelled from France and England – Siena A

The Jewish people were on the First Fleet – Georgia

Jewish people speak in Hebrew – Keira

I really enjoyed contributing to the mock Passover. I played the Pharaoh – Will H

I enjoyed tasting the Passover food – Raphael

I learnt that there are pointers to read The Torah because people aren’t allowed to touch it – Hannah A

I learnt that some Jewish company made the 2007 Carlton jersey – Lucas

I learnt that on The Torah scroll there are crown because they are a symbol for being important – Vivienne

I learnt that there is a Jewish instrument called a Sofar that is made out of a Rams horn and it is used to awaken God and his people – James

I learnt that on the Passover plate there is egg, parsley dipped in salt, a lamb bone, apple and nut mixture, horseradish, matzah and wine – Hannah B

I learnt that the boiled egg represents the suffering of Moses’ people in Egypt – Sophia

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What do you know about the Jewish culture? 


What do you want to know about the Jewish culture?

Sam Mitchell comes to St Luke’s

Towards the end of Term 2 we had Sam Mitchell come and talk to the Middles about all the elements involved in being a footballer. He talked about what he does to improve himself from week to week including using feedback from others, the teamwork involved in football and the choices he makes around his health and wellbeing. Sam also answered questions that the students had and ran a short football clinic with the students. It was a great experience!

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Science in our World

During the term we had a few amazing guest speakers (our lovely parents!) come and speak to us about science in their work place. In particular we looked at how certain inventions have changed or been introduced over time to help our world or make our lives easier.

Here is what we learnt:


 I learnt that they use to use sticks (from the garden) for walking sticks because they hadn’t invented real walking sticks yet – Hannah A


I didn’t know that they get gas from the ground – Hannah B


With the walking sticks there never use to be a rubber stopper on the bottom. Then someone invented the normal rubber stopper and then someone invented the Flexi-foot. The Flexi-foot helps because old people can stand on hills better – Raph


Sometimes you can trick the brain to believe something that is not true – Sam


The car engine has developed a lot from where it started. Cars had balloons to hold gas in them so they could work when there was not enough petrol – Keira


Oil comes out goopy and thick – Aly


When you get oil out from under the sea you can take different things out at different temperatures – Akuac


We learnt about optical illusions – Daisy


I learnt that the part of the brain for the eyes is at the back of the brain – Tom


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What Science or inventions do you know of in the workplace?